Multipack 'can' rolls into stores

Spotted at the National Hardware Show held in Chicago in August, a new reclosable polyvinyl chloride canister shows off a variety of four or five different-colored rolls of Duck tape brand cloth tape from Henkel Consumer Adhesives, Avon, OH.

Pw 15654 Duck

Two pack sizes use the same Model GP55 blow-molded 2.2’’-ID ScrewPack canister with matching closure from rose plastic USA (California, PA). The canisters vary only in height; the screw-on closure is molded with a hanger for peg display. The packaging also includes a pressure-sensitive label that runs vertically on the upright canister, providing ample room for consumers to see the colorful rolls of tape.

There are three items in the line, one a 8.9’’-H, four-roll pack that debuted in August that sells for $7.99 at Wal-Mart, and two varieties of 10.75’’-H, five-roll multipacks introduced last month that sell for $9.99 each at home centers and mass merchandisers. The three items display a total of nine different colors of Duck tape. The multipacks enable retailers nationwide to stock one item for consumers that contains a colorful assortment ideal for color-matching repairs and crafting applications, according to Scott Sommers, Henkel’s senior category manager. “This packaging adds value for consumers,” says Sommers. “Package clarity was important.”

It is Henkel’s first multipack used for Duck tape. Thus, it was also important for consumer recognition that the stacked rolls be topped with the easily identified silver roll that characterizes duct tape, he adds. —RL

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