Krones, Inc.: Inline Sleevematic for high-speed applications

The Krones Inline Sleevematic DS applies shrink film sleeve labels to glass, plastic, or metal containers of any shape. Covering the entire container maximizes your label and promotional area.

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And the sleeve label can simultaneously serve as a tamper-evident seal. Krones Inline Sleevematic DS is available in two inline models operating at speeds of 300 to 600 cpm, depending on sleeve height. Our higher speed application utilizes dual cutting units, which alternates the sleeve application of the containers.

Sleeving technology has several operational advantages. Since no glue is needed, there’s no need to clean the machine after every shift or during production stops. Krones buffer system allows for sleeve splicing without reducing speed. Inline Sleevematic DS offers exceptionally short changeover times to different containers or sleeves.

The expanding mandrel opens the sleeve, which ensures more accurate sleeve cutting. A vacuum device for opening the sleeve is not required for the Sleevematic, nor is an additional transfer station. In the cutting unit, the sleeve is cut accurately to the selected length by several servo-controlled blades. A feed unit transfers the sleeves onto the containers, and labels are fixed in place. The sleeve is positioned flush with the container’s base by a pushdown unit or brushes.

After the sleeve has been transferred to the bottle, it is shrink-fitted in a steam tunnel.

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