Celplast Metallized Products: Metallized PET films

DURAMET® top-coated metallized PET film offers WVTR below 0.01 g/100in2/day and OTR below 0.01 cc/100in2/day for applications needing ultra-high barrier properties and moisture resistance.

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The growth of e-commerce has been driving initiatives to create high barrier packaging that retains its barrier and shelf-appearance even after the package has travelled through the supply chain. With wide functionality of barrier, puncture & Gelbo flexing resistance, metallized PET films provide the necessary characteristics to meet the rigours of this new retail landscape and are a good alternative to foil.

To serve the varied needs of the flexible packaging market, Celplast Metallized Products offers several metallized films with tailored barrier properties. Where high barrier is required, FOILMET® and FOILMET® PLUS metallized PET films offer excellent WVTR and OTR and can be used for foil replacement and other high barrier applications.

Kicking barrier performance up an order of magnitude, DURAMET®, top-coated metallized PET film, offers WVTR below 0.01 g/100in2/day, and OTR below 0.01 cc/100in2/day, for applications where ultra-high barrier properties and moisture resistance are a consideration. The top coating acts as a protective layer, absorbing the flexing stress and minimizing the effects on the metallized layer. As such, top-coated films have shown better performance than standard metallized films during Gelbo flexing. Packages made with metallized films also lead to higher productivity, as they seal at higher filling speeds than packages made with aluminum foil

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