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Jindal Films: Coextruded packaging film

SealTOUGH™, from Jindal Films, is a unique coextruded packaging film, targeted to replace sealant layers in a lamination or single layers in mono-web applications.

SealTOUGH provides unmatched puncture resistance, enhanced clarity, improved modulus and seal strength that can exceed 5,000g/2.54cm. The latest breakthrough technology platform from Jindal Films gives the down gauge potential of 30%, 40%, or more compared to traditional sealant films. “We are excited about this new platform that is being developed to provide packaging solutions through clear and white coextruded films, while adding metallization for barrier application and structure simplification, coatings for products that require low oxygen barrier, and AlOx coating for clear high barrier requirements,” said Bill Handy, Marketing Director at Jindal Films.

Jindal Films continues to set new standards for performance and sustainable solutions to support the flexible packaging industry. SealTOUGH bridges the attributes of BOPP and blown PE film to achieve enhanced performance benchmarks for clarity and strength. Packaging designs utilizing SealTOUGH contribute to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s objectives for source reduction and recycling.

“As we expand our technology and expertise, we are introducing an exclusive biaxially-oriented product to the market. SealTOUGH can solve problems and enable growth opportunities,” said James Taylor, Commercial Development Manager at Jindal Films.

Compared to blown PE, SealTOUGH consistently outperforms, surpassing the current applications of blown PE including confectionary, snacks, dry fruit and nuts, pasta, rice, bakery items, produce, and dry products. Utilizing SealTOUGH as FFS bags, freezer bags, lamination and hygienic bags makes use of property enhancements that allow for the use of thinner film, weight reduction and cost savings. When replacing a 30µm (120 gauge) blown PE film with 18µm (70 gauge) SealTOUGH clear film, you achieve 41% down gauging, 2-fold improvement in clarity, equivalent ultimate seal strength, 2-fold improvement in puncture resistance, 2-fold improvement in impact resistance, 3-fold improvement in tensile strength, 2-fold improvement in modulus, and 50% reduction in elongation.

“This product offers superior performance in critical properties. SealTOUGH achieves the clarity of BOPP with the high seal strength of blown PE. The film’s superior puncture resistance and strength enables significant down gauging opportunities to provide both a performance advantage and cost savings,” said Eric Bender, Market Development Manager at Jindal Films.

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