Toray Plastics (America): High-barrier transparent film for retort

Toray presents new Barrialox SBR2 high-barrier, transparent aluminum oxide-coated PET film for retort applications.

Toray Barriolox SBR2
Toray Barriolox SBR2

Toray Plastics (America) Inc. introduces Barrialox SBR2, a new high-barrier, transparent, aluminum oxide-coated polyester film for retort pouch applications, The retort pouch is used to package cooked, sterilized food and has gained wide acceptance among consumers who value the convenience of microwavable meals and "on-the-go" foods. The pouches are made in Japan by Toray's sister company, Toray Advanced Film Co. Ltd.

Barrialox SBR2 film offers CPGs and converters a new generation of ALOX-coated film, which has excellent thermal stability and superior mechanical properties, including high-strength and dimensional stability, enabling it to withstand the rigors of the converting process and the intense high heat and pressure of retort sterilization.

The film's strength and resilience contributes to the production of a finished post-retort pouch that has excellent oxygen- and moisture-barrier durability. Typical value, flat sheet oxygen- and moisture-barrier transmission rates for Barrialox SBR2 are 0.01cc/100 in. and 0.02grams/100 in., respectively.

"A film that maintains its inherent barrier-durability during and after converting and retorting processes is essential for a successful retort application," says Chris Voght, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing, Torayfan Division.

Voght notes that brand owners continue to choose the retort pouch for traditional applications, such as seafood, chicken, prepared meals, rice, and even pet food, but they also want it for new product introductions and brand extensions, especially microwavable applications and when the CPG wants customers to see the food. "Microwavable vegetables and sauces, in particular, are trending now," Voght says.

Barrialox SBR2 resists pin holing, flex cracking, and scuffing and abrasion, making it a preferred choice over more delicate aluminum oxide-coated films. In standard laminations, SBR2 is reverse-printed to create a colorful, attractive package that can be microwaved. "Overall, Barrialox SBR2 is an excellent option for gusseted and non-gusseted retort pouch laminations," adds Voght.

To manufacture a pouch with added convenience and exceptionally high heat-seal strengths, Barrialox SBR2 can be laminated with Toray'sTreaTear DR72 film. TreaTear DR72 is a directional-tear CPP sealant film that provides an easy, straight tear for opening the package. Barrialox SBR2 can also be used in the manufacture of non-retort clear packaging and in lidding lamination applications.

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