Bonset America: PETG heat-shrinkable films

Bonset America Corporation introduces new heat-shrinkable films for extended and long shelf life products.

Bonset America Corporation announces the development of new PETG heat shrinkable films—Bonpet WI and Bonpet 7G. Bonpet WI is a moderate shrinkage PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) film with a PVC-like shrinkage curve. Bonpet WI utilizes a UV inhibitor additive to provide protection for the film and container contents from ultraviolet light. This clear film is ideal for applications where the contents of the container might be affected by UV light.

Bonpet 7G is a white, glossy, high-shrinkage PETG heat shrinkable film. Bonpet 7G provides light blocking protection while maintaining an excellent high gloss. Also a part of Bonset America’s product group is Bonpet 7M, a white high-yield heat-shrinkable PETG film. Bonpet 7M provides a good balance of opacity, matte appearance, and low specific gravity. These products are a potential solution for any products where light might affect the contents of the container. Bonset was pleased by the response these films received at the 2015 International Dairy Show in conjunction with Fort Dearborn, Karlville, Amcor, Bericap, and Eastman.

Bonset manufactures monoaxially oriented heat shrinkable film used in packaging and labeling applications that are designed to meet and exceed the ever-changing demands of the consumer market. BONSET-PVC, BONPET-PETG, and BONFLEX-SBS/OPS films are used for printed full-body sleeves for the labeling, bundling, and proofing of many different consumer products.

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