Innovia Films: Compostable natural-look “paper” film

NatureFlexT NK Matt is a compostable cellulose-based packaging film with high gas barrier, low static electricity, printability, and grease resistance.

NatureFlexT NK Matt
NatureFlexT NK Matt

Innovia Films has added NatureFlexT NK Matt to its range of compostable cellulose-based packaging films. Developed primarily as a lamination grade, the film has a premium natural paper appearance.

NatureFlexT NK Matt is ideal as the outer web of duplex and triplex structures. It is also suitable for use in laminations to other biopolymers (including grades of NatureFlexT) and for extrusion coating. Organic and Fair Trade companies are already trialing NatureFlexT NK Matt for products in the confectionery, dry foods, snacks and beverage sectors.

The natural look and sleek feel of NatureFlexT NK Matt in your pack enables your product to grab the attention of consumers on a crowded shelf. The NatureFlexT NK family of films already includes: NatureFlexT NK (clear), NatureFlexT NKM and NKME (metallized), and NatureFlexT NK White (solid white). These films, along with NatureFlexT NK Matt, provide an excellent barrier to gasses, aromas, and mineral oils.

NatureFlexT NK Matt has 97% renewable content (ASTM D6866 Carbon Testing) and meets the European EN 13432 and American ASTM D6400 composting norms. NatureFlexT is also suitable for anaerobic digestion, aiding the diversion of organic wastes from landfill.

This high gas barrier film gives your product the protection it needs. Advantages offered for packing and converting by NatureFlexT NK Matt include inherent dead-fold, anti-static properties, printability, and resistance to grease.

“Compostable and renewable NatureFlexT NK Matt offers manufacturers of natural and organic goods a way to align their packaging message with the spirit of their product marketing at point of sale,” says Clare McKeown, Innovia Films’ Market Manager. “If you are looking for a tactile quality pack with sustainable credentials, NatureFlexT NK Matt is the answer.”

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