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Toray Plastics (America): Metallized white BOPP film

Torayfan MWX6 metallized white cavitated biaxially-oriented polypropylene film from Toray Plastics is designed with a proprietary “ultra-barrier" layer on one side for superior moisture-barrier, and excellent oxygen-barrier properties; the other side is a hermetic, heat-sealable layer.

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 New MWX6 film can be used as a monoweb or a lamination and runs on horizontal and vertical form fill seal machines.

The film's bright white, glossy appearance, enhances a package's attractiveness inside and outside.

Available in 100 and 110 gauges (1 - 1.1 mil), MWX6 film is suitable for packaging salty crisp snacks, baked goods, confectionery items, pet food, and refrigerated and frozen foods. Torayfan MWX6 film can also be used for agricultural and chemical packaging.


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