Rockwell Solutions Ltd.: Mono-layer film

RockBarLid from Rockwell Solutions is a high-clarity, high-barrier, recyclable mono-layer film that is heat sealable, peelable or weldable to produce lidding and barrier flow wrap films suitable for a variety of products.

RockBarLid polyester film provides oxygen and moisture barrier that is said to increase the shelf-life of products is increased even in high moisture:  > 85% RH.  The film seals to all substrates including PP, PS, ALU, APET, RPET, PE, HDPE, and PVC.  Strong, robust peel or weld seal options are available for these substrates using a single ply heat sealable film.  Puncture resistance can be incorporated for sharper objects such as chicken.  The film also provides anti-fog features.

Other features of the film include: plain or is surface printable; dual ovenable; recyclable; offered with 30% PCR PET if required.


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