Sirane Ltd.: Gas permeable food wrap

Sirane’s Sira-Flex Resolve is a new, unique film that has been developed to have the optimum balance between humidity control and O2 and CO2 permeability.

Pw 42153 Sira Flex Resolve 1 Small

The permeability is temperature dependant so that the perfect atmosphere is maintained inside the pack even if the storage temperature is variable.  There is no condensation on the inside of the film and the product does not dry out.

The film improves the quality, taste and texture of food, reduces food waste as well as processing and shipping costs.  It also brings new export markets within range of population centers.

Shelf life extension of several days and more is achieved for many products. The film is suitable for all types of vegetables including salads as well as many types of fresh fruit.  The film is a natural bio-polymer made from plants. It is sustainable and fully compostable. The permeability is controlled by the property of the film itself.


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