Cortec Corp.: Dissipative film

VpCI-125 patented static dissipative film from Cortec is a non-toxic film combining plastic technology with effective corrosion protection of sensitive electronics equipment and components for different metals.

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VpCI-125 provides an economical, aesthetically attractive packaging system to replace expensive vacuum aluminum foils, desiccants, multi-layered barrier films, chemical sprays, etc. The product is ROHS-compliant and fully recyclable. It provides vapor phase and contact protection to multimetals with strong and longlasting static dissipative properties that are independent of relative humidity. This strong, puncture-resistant film replaces conventional rust preventatives such as oils and desiccants. It reduces costs because it eliminates degreasing and/or coating removal, and can be used immediately.

The static dissipative properties of VpCI-125 are humidity independent; its unique composition does not require the presence of moisture to function. VpCI-125 does not contain free amines, phosphates, silicones and other harmful materials. Conforms to MIL-81705D  Standard for Static Dissipative Packaging Materials Type II, Mil-B-22019F Standard for Corrosion Protective Packaging Films, NACE 00487/2000 Standard Recommended Practice for Temporary Corrosion Protection and German Standard TL-8135-002 for VCI Films. The film is available in various sizes of sheets and bags.

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