Flair Flexible Packaging: Cost-effective pouch-sealing technology ensures food safety

Flair Flexible Packaging’s Permazip pouch-sealing technology is a tamper-resistant permanent zipper on a flexible film pouch that offers an alternative to rigid dome and tray containers for roasted chicken and other meat offerings.

Pw 38624 Permazip From Flair Flexible Pkg

Permazip also reduces waste and shipping expense while eliminating concerns about steam pressure causing deli pouches to open, and tampering concerns. When a permanent seal is desired, the simple, easy-to-close pouches eliminate the need for specialized sealing equipment in the deli. Upon sealing, food is kept air-tight and safe from contamination. 

A secondary recloseable seal can be added below the Permazip for retail customers’ use. Vibrant 10-color custom reverse rotogravure graphics complement any combination of functional films and sealing alternatives.

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