Sealed Air Corporation: Recyclable oxygen scavenging tote & barrel liners protect products longer, allow for minimal processing

Sealed Air’s Cryovac Freshness Plus IBC liners protect oxygen-sensitive products such as tomatoes, avocados, fruit pulps and exotic fruit purees, packaged in intermediate bulk containers (IBC).

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Freshness Plus IBC liners reduce mold growth under the filling gland and can increase the shelf life of avocado pulp by up to 50%, according to the company.  The oxygen scavenging technology is incorporated into 300 gallon tote and 55 gallon drum liners to actively protect against negative oxidation, allowing products to stay fresher for longer periods of time. 

Cryovac Freshness Plus active packaging provides processors with a solution that not only scavenges oxygen and protects products longer but also allows for minimal processing and products with cleaner labels. Unlike traditional metalized polyester film used for oxygen-sensitive products, Freshness Plus film is not susceptible to flex cracking and can go into the recycling stream. The new oxygen scavenging tote and barrel liners are part of the Cryovac® Freshness Plus®line of active packaging mater

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