DuPont Packaging: Resin for peelable seals on retortable polypropylene packages

Appeel® 22D843 lidding sealant resin from DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers is pellet-blended with a polypropylene sealant resin solution to provide converters with an easy and effective way to make peelable lids for retortable polypropylene (PP) packages.

After blending, Appeel 22D843 is then processed to make a lidding structure or sealant layer in conventional extrusion or coextrusion equipment designed for polyolefin resins.  Allows converters to tailor peel force and achieve consistent sealing and peeling performance with a preformulated masterbatch.  The resin is typically blended with PP at addition rates of 20 to 40% by weight.  The proportion of Appeel® in the blend determines peel strength.  Lower addition rates result in higher peel force and vice versa.
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