Pactiv: Pactiv: Improved slider closure

Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. and Pactiv Corporation have produced an improved filling and opening feature for heavier (15-65 lb.), Hefty® Slide-Rite® slider bagged products.

Pw 3883 Webrollprint
The bag comes with a 1/2-in. wide strip, replacing several feet of expensive film, saving time, money and significantly decreasing raw material usage. The structure is a 2 mil nylon extrusion coated with 2 mils of its proprietary Allegro® B peelable sealant. The new structure is suitable for use on a variety of bag structures including multiwall paper, polywoven sacks, laminates, or composite plastic/paper bags. Product applications include bags of pet food, kitty litter, bird seed, rock salt, charcoal, rice and other grains, etc.
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