CLP Packaging Solutions, Inc: Stand-up pouches

Double-gusseted stand up pouches, the “Bag Without a Box,” from ITW Fastex and CLP Packaging Solutions, are designed to eliminate the cardboard carton from bag-in-box packaging.

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The 3- and 5-liter pouches feature an assortment of ITW Fastex taps tailored to the dispensing and handling properties of the product, from retort, to high-acid aseptic, to hard-to-hold chemicals. ITW/CLP’s reinforced double-gusseted pouches remain standing throughout their use, though the tops lower as product is dispensed to minimize head space and keep contents fresh. The multi-layer laminate pouches also provide oxygen barrier properties. The new pouches can be filled through the spout ring on nearly any existing bag-in-box filling line with minor adjustments. By eliminating the cardboard, the pouch prevents tons of cartons from entering landfills, while streamlining the packaging line, and removing a breeding ground for bacteria and pests.
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