Tyvek: Clean-peel sealant

Proprietary Allegro® T sealant from Rollprint offers a high-performance, cost-effective way to seal to

Pw 8110 M Rollprint
uncoated Tyvek® while retaining the features of a coated product. This technology provides a solution for pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers looking to achieve fiber-free peels and consistent seal strength, while also minimizing costs for chevron pouches. The PE-based sealant chemistry not only offers a wide operating window of approximately 35ºF, but also offers consistent peel strength no matter where in the temperature range the seal is activated. Peels are said to offer the same creamy white adhesive transfer achieved when coated Tyvek® is used. Allegro T may be extrusion-coated, adhesive laminated, or extruded into the film.

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