Curwood: Microwave packaging

Four new steam-and-serve packaging technologies from Curwood offer convenience cooking for fresh, frozen, or shelf-stable foods, including soups, rice, veggies, and entrees.

Pw 9031 M Curwood Sq

All systems offer hermetic protection throughout distribution. The stand-up pouch features a controlled-peel system, cool-zone handgrips, a high-profile retail presence, and the ability to serve right from the pouch. The forming/nonforming system controls steam release through stress venting, offers no-mess serving, and may be printed with easy-opening and serving instructions. Vf/f/fs cook-in bags offer a proprietary venting system, IntegraScore® easy-opening feature, and the ability to print with high-impact graphics. Skin-pack steam dome features skin-tight film that maximizes appearance and shelf life, expands for controlled-steam cooking and peels away for serving right from the tray.

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