ExxonMobil Chemical Company: Coated barrier polyester films

ExxonMobil Chemical has launched XPET 700 and XPET 800, a new line of high-barrier coated polyester films for fresh food markets, lidding, and MAP applications.

Said to be heat-, tensile-, and chemical-resistant, the solvent-free coated films offer outstanding transparency, print receptivity, and gas barriers. XPET 700 film (14 mic) is coated on 1 side with high-barrier PVdC, providing an oxygen barrier of less than 8cc/m2/day and water vapor of less than 8g/m2/day. XPET 800 (13 mic) is coated on 1 side with PVOH, resulting in exceptional oxygen barrier of less than 1cc/m2/day in dry conditions. Ideal for packaging dry meats and spices, for some refrigerated applications where gas or chemical protection is required, and where aroma preservation is essential, such as with coffee.

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