Flexicon Corporation: Flexicon Corporation: Peelable lidstock

Flexicon, an Ampac co., has launched Flexi 6818, a peelable lidstock for thermoformed PET trays. This lamination features heat-seal coated polyester coupled with metallized white OPP.

Pw 11537 Flexicon Ampac Flexi681

In addition to good barrier properties, the new film offers several advantages to competitive laminations in the marketplace, including the ability to produce 2-sided print. The co. can print 10-color process jobs using a state-of-the-art impression drum press, so the front side can be used for high-end consumer graphics while the back side can feature print that will not show through the front-side artwork. Lidstock can be sealed around the face of a tray leaving a corner exposed for opening. Also features good strength characteristics that eliminate film tear upon opening, and good puncture-resistance to minimize retailer rejection due to packaging failure. Ideal for products such as razors, toothbrushes, toiletries, food items, room freshener gels, etc., that are designed as stand-up shelf items or with hanging profiles.

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