SpaceKraft, A Weyerhaeuser Business: Intermediate bulk container

New IBCs from SpaceKraft® (Salem, OR) are designed especially for tomato paste and similar products. Containers are delivered with reusable plastic lids and pallets and can be used with the metallized film liner conventionally used for aseptic packaging.

Pw 16233 Space Kraft

The lids and pallets are designed to nest for efficient use of storage space. Seamless 10-ply corrugated containers are designed to replace wood, eliminate splinters, and discourage insect infestation, company says. Containers hold 300 gal (3ꯠ lb) of tomato paste, fit most existing filling and emptying systems, and provide easy setup and knockdown for return. They provide more than 37 tons of compression strength for stacking up to five-high. Can be set up for filling in 1 min by squaring off the sleeve on the pallet and inserting a corrugated pad in the bottom of the box. Measures 47”x47”x39”.

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