Zip-Pak: Zip-Pak: Zip-Pak: CO2-venting pouch

The JavaVent is a design licensed to C&H Packaging (Merrill, WI) whereby carbon dioxide is allowed to escape through serpentine-shaped vent channels on both sides of a pouch.

Pw 20030 The Javisa 16

Designed for coffee beans and other applications, the pouch's vent channels automatically seal to prevent oxygen from entering the pouch. Many types of film can be used for the pouch including multilayers, high-barrier films, nylon or LDPE. A zipper from Minigrip/Zip-Pak (Manteno, IL) offers resealability. Pouch sizes range from 6 oz to 5 lb. Printing via line or other processes is available in up to 8 colors.

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