Biodegradable shrink film

PLAnet™, Clysar’s biodegradable shrink film, is made from 100 percent corn.

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This proprietary PLA (polylactic acid) film provides a viable alternative to oil-based raw materials, and has many of the same attributes found in many top-quality, polyolefin lines, PLAnet is made from renewable cornstarch, which requires up to 50 percent less fossil fuels than traditional hydrocarbon resins. This corn-based film reduces the output of greenhouse gases during production, and it doesn’t emit toxic fumes when incinerated. PLAnet requires less water usage than other polymers, and can be composted. Offering eye-catching, high-gloss printing and on-package sparkle and clarity, the film can be run on existing shrink packaging equipment with minimal modifications. It also shrinks in standard shrink tunnels under the same conditions used for polyolefin packaging.

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