Drikette® Desiccant Paper

Drikette® Desiccant Paper features millions of adsorbent particles contained in a semi-rigid cellulose fiber matrix. The desiccant paper enables fast drying and extraordinary versatility in package design.

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Drikette is a clean, adsorbing paper comprised of silica gel. The finished sheets are available in two uniform thicknesses and can be cut into a practically limitless number of sizes and shapes and contoured to fit difficult places. It can even be designed into the package structure itself, to serve as an insulator or fixture, providing a uniform environment for complete moisture control.

Typical applications include:

* Computer diskettes

* Cryogenic pumps

* Electronic components

* Instrumentation

* Photographic films and supplies

* Diagnostic tests kits

* Spare parts packaging

Custom Designed to Exact Specifications

Drikette Desiccant Paper can be die-cut to meet your precise design requirements. Our experienced engineers will assist you in pattern development of package design. Drikette can be shipped activated in ready-to-use sealed barrier pouches.

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