Robotic Dispensing Technology Approved for Use in Oklahoma Pharmacies

With packaging designed by nurses, the daily dosing technology aims to increase efficiency in long-term senior care facilities.

Remedi SeniorCare™ was granted approval by the Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy this week to dispense medications utilizing the company's proprietary packaging technology—PAXIT®. The system, which delivers packaged 24-hour unit doses, is designed for long-term care facilities and offers electronic health record (EHR) connectivity. Each package is labeled with medication info, and contains individual blister packs.

Beginning January 2017, the robotic dispensing technology, whose packaging was designed by nurses, will have the capability to support 10,000 long-term care residents throughout Oklahoma. According to Remedi, the system saves an average of 30 minutes per medication pass, increasing efficiency and allowing nurses more time to focus on resident care.

Gara Wilsie, Oklahoma Pharmacy General Manager at Remedi states, "In addition to better resident safety, it allows Remedi to provide significant cost savings to the long-term care facilities we service. With our daily auto dispensing, inventory is reduced to a two-day supply, dramatically decreasing waste and lowering facility cost.” This is particularly important in states that prohibit drug returns. In states that do allow returns, the reduced inventory means less time is spent on restocking in cases of changes or discontinued medications.

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