Inspiring design

A new line of unisex face, body, and hair care products called ( has been released in a practical slim-line kit.

Pw 11788 We Viaggio

Designed for the person on-the-go, or busy traveler, the complete range of face and body care products comes in a portable format that is meant to incorporate everything the user needs or wants; everything that will help that person feel more at home with they’re away from home. Each user chooses the products they prefer or need for their own made-to-measure travel kit. The convenient pouch carries a lot, but takes up little space. The simple design incorporates texture and subtle coloring to convey a feeling of wellbeing and comfort. The bold use of the brand name on the removable paperboard band helps communicate the meaning behind the moniker:, the Italian word for journey; VIA, life; gg, the Italian abbreviation for days, and IO, me, myself, my potential, my choices, the company says.

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