Supplier turns packager

Süd-Chemie Performance Packaging northwest territory manager Tod Campbell is also consumer products manager for the desiccant supplier’s entry into retail packaging.

Pw 11847 Sud Chemie

PW: Describe the product.

Campbell: Dri-It™ is in a stand-up pouch that contains two 125-g pouches of humidity absorber we adapted from our industrial products. We launched it in fall 2004 at various independent stores and are now marketing to major retailers.

PW: What has the response been?

Campbell: Better than anticipated. Sam’s Club is testing, and Sav-On Foods in Canada is bringing Dri-It into about 144 stores. Also, a brief product profile with a little picture that ran in the February 2005 issue of Trailer Life magazine generated 250 leads.

PW: What’s new about this whole experience for you and your company?

Campbell: It’s interesting that a packaging company like ours that hasn’t had previous experience in the consumer market is relying on packaging to help bring Dri-It to market. Before, we sold our products primarily to large pharmaceutical companies where packaging and graphics weren’t as important. Now, packaging and design is the way for us to create new business for our company that meets the needs of consumers and retailers.

PW: What about your own learning curve, how has that been?

Campbell: Although I’m used to selling to people rather than having people selling to me, it’s been fairly smooth. One key reason is that I’m working with a wonderful graphics designer and experts in the industry who have been incredibly flexible and patient.

PW: How do you feel about your new role on the retail packaging side?

Campbell: I’ve been with Süd-Chemie for eight years, and this is by far the most exciting thing I’ve done. Hopefully, this will be one of many more retail products we will be introducing in the coming months. —Rick Lingle, Technical Editor

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