Honeywell's polymerized nanocomposite nylon resin

REPORTING FROM PACK EXPO: As an economical alternative to EVOH, Honeywell Engineered Applications and Solutions (EAS) promotes dramatically improve strength, stiffness, gas oxygen barrier properties and heat resistance with its new polymerized nanocomposite nylon 6 resin.

Honeywell EAS (Morristown, NJ) expects the first polymerized nanocomposite nylon 6 resin N.A. application by early 2001. Applications include extruded and co-extruded films and coatings, such as for stand-up pouches. It also can be injection-molded for rigid containers or closures.

During the polymerization process, one nanometer of inorganic, nanoscale platelets -- Nanomer® platelets from Noncor (Chicago, IL) -- are disposed uniformly in Capran® nylon 6 resins.

When used with films and coatings, Honeywell claims nanocomposite nylons improve oxygen barrier properties and carbon dioxide barrier properties by three to four times when compared to unfilled nylon 6 resin. As for rigid packaging, Honeywell claims the new resin nearly doubles the heat resistance of nylon 6 and increases tensile modulus, flexural modulus and flexural strength by 30 to 50 percent.

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