Carton graphics provide relief

Marketers at the Mentholatum Co. ached for a way to vividly show consumers how to use three new varieties of Migraine Ice cooling headache pads. They found relief in a colorful paperboard carton that uses a substantial portion of its front panel to show a consumer finding fast pain relief by applying a pad to his or her forehead, temple or neck.

Fisher Design (Cincinnati, OH) designed the carton’s visuals and appropriately cool color scheme. The products were introduced last year.

Printed offset in five colors, the 18-pt SBS cartons come from Mod-Pac (Buffalo, NY). Mentholatum uses an older line at its Orchard Park, NY, facility to fill and seal cartons. Each carton contains four or five pads (depending on variety) that are prepackaged in Japan into paper/foil pouches equipped with a resealable plastic zipper, all supplied by Japanese vendors.

Temple, forehead and back-of-neck varieties retail for $7.99 at mass merchandise, drug and grocery stores nationwide, says Joni Sahhar, director of new products.

“Although popular for many years in the Far East, this is a new product and therapy to people in the U.S.,” explains Jim Nass, Mentholatum’s director of marketing. “We understood it might be hard for Americans to visualize how the product works, so it was important to dramatically and instantly convey this message through packaging.” It appears the graphics have hit the mark. “Sales have far exceeded expectations, and the product’s had a strong reception among retailers and consumers,” says Sahhar.

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