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For its new No Nonsense® Great Shapes® line of figure-enhancing hosiery, Kayser-Roth Corp. knew that image was everything. "It's really much more of a premium image," says Dina Dunn, of the Greensboro, NC-based company, referring to the new line.

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Graphic design, provided by Cornerstone Design Associates (New York, NY), uses photography to help convey an upscale look. In addition, the hosiery itself is "semi-boarded," a procedure typical of more premium brands, where nylons are flattened and folded around a piece of paperboard. That board (with product) is enveloped in 12-pt SBS paperboard that's offset-printed in six colors by Burlington Packaging (Burlington, NC). It's die-cut to show a small area of product. That structure is placed in a clear, 3-mil blended polyethylene/polypropylene pouch, also provided by Burlington. Currently in test in some national mass-market chains, four varieties of Great Shapes are available. Suggested retail price is $4.99 or $3.99, depending on variety.

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