New look for tubes

Freeman Cosmetics' new Aromatherapy line, introduced in July, includes two packages that are real departures for the Los Angeles-based company.

Pw 23316 Fre Cosnew Aro 15

Both are tubes. But instead of the wavy crimp and the direct-print fruit-and-flower graphics that the firm ha s used in the past (see Packaging World, May '97, p. 94 and Mar. '96, p. 8), these tubes both have a full wraparound label. According to Free<> man's Nancy Gilberti, printing directly on the tubes would not allow the intensity of color desired. She acknowledges that there was a price to pay for achieving the desired look. "It's definitely our most expensive venture in tube pack aging thus far," says Gilberti. Suggested retail price for the 7-oz tube is $4.49. The labels, made of Fas-Clear® polyolefin from Fasson Films (Painesville, OH), are flexo-printed in seven colors by Sonoco Engraph (Atlanta, GA). Low-density polyethylene tubes and polypropylene closures from Norden (North Branch, NJ) are "natural" in co lor, providing a milky white tint to the package.

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