Salaries rise for flexible packaging converters

According to a survey by the Flexible Packaging Assn. (Washington, DC), manufacturers of flexible packaging expect to increase salaries an average of 2.6% to 3.2% this year.

Company sales representatives can expect to reach the upper end of this increase, with the 2.6% gain destined for hourly workers. Employers surveyed project an average increase of 3.1% for exempt employees (those who are not paid overtime) and an increase of 2.9% for nonexempt (those paid hourly wages) staff. These increases are slightly below 1995 raises, according to the survey.

The survey report confirms that mergers, acquisitions and consolidations are thinning the ranks of mid-size firms. The survey also shows that seven of 10 employees are hourly workers, and the male/female ratio averages 3.5:1. FPA says 33 companies, representing 17% of industry employment, responded to this survey. The Industry Compensation Report is available to FPA member companies that participated.

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