New sustainable bread bag

Hovis Limited, a vertically integrated baking and flour milling business in the U.K., is the first to commercialize a polyethylene bread bag made primarily from renewable resources.

New bread bag is made from renewable resources.
New bread bag is made from renewable resources.

Seed Sensations, a premium brand in the Hovis line-up, is leading the way with this new development. Supplied by Amcor and made from a sugar cane source, the bag is said to have a 75% lower product carbon footprint than traditional bread bags made with plastic from non-renewable fossil sources.

“The attention to detail from the team at Amcor Flexibles has been a key part of the smooth introduction of the new packaging format”, said Richard McQuillan, Hovis Marketing Manager at Hovis Ltd. “We knew we had a breakthrough proposition with the new renewable PE bread bag and have been able to work closely with Amcor Flexibles to both maximise the development and ensure we gain official certification. The Product Carbon Footprint of this product has been certified by the Carbon Trust. As part of the total Hovis Seed Sensations brand re-launch, we will be communicating about the reduction in carbon footprint on pack and on our website so that our consumers understand the  importance of this change for the environment”.

“As a global packaging leader, Amcor Flexibles has a responsibility to manage the environmental impacts of all its operations and products.  The Advanced Sustainability Stewardship Evaluation Tool (ASSET™) is a key element in Amcor’s journey towards excellence in sustainability”, says Dr. Gerald Rebitzer, Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas Sustainability Leader.   “In May 2012, the background methodology and data content of ASSET™ successfully achieved certification from the Carbon Trust, a global leader in carbon management and carbon footprint certification. We are delighted that we have been able to support the Hovis Seed Sensations re-launch with ASSET™ delivering a significant improvement that benefits the complete value chain.”

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