Pakistan's premier milk gets lightweight packaging touch

Market-leading food company Engro Foods in Pakistan recently relaunched its flagship milk brand Olper’s in unique lightweight packaging.

New pouch package sets the Olpers brand apart.
New pouch package sets the Olpers brand apart.

Supplied by Ecolean, the unique shape and large printing surface of the 250-mL aseptic package will make Olper’s brand stand out on store shelves in a category dominated by traditional carton packaging.

Earlier this year, market leader Engro Foods rebranded Olper’s to further differentiate it from other brands in conventional packaging. Ecolean’s lightweight package offers easy tearoff, pouring and handling, making the new Olper’s 250-mL an obvious choice for all modern consumers. Furthermore, the package can be used in microwave ovens, which is perfect in a country with a strong tea drinking tradition.

“Olper’s has quickly been established as the preferred milk brand for the modern consumer. Ecolean offers innovative packaging that stands out both in the store and the home environment, with its combination of unique shape and user experience,” says Waqas Azhar, General Marketing Manager at Engro Foods. “Based on innovation and an in-depth understanding of market needs, Engro Foods has become the market leader in just seven years. It’s an impressive journey,” says Peter L Nilsson, CEO of Ecolean. “And we’re naturally delighted that our innovative products will be widely available in one of the most dynamic markets in the world, yet again proving Ecolean’s appeal to the consumer.”

Pakistan is the third largest milk producing country in the world, with huge growth potential. Over ninety per cent of milk is unpackaged and half of the population below the age of twenty. Introduced to the market as recently as 2006, Olper’s has quickly become a leading milk brand. The UHT-processed all-purpose milk has a wide consumer base all over Pakistan. Olper’s is distributed all over Pakistan and is sold through both traditional and modern trade channels.

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