Pouch scores sustainable packaging points

For its Horse Quenchers product, Equatic Solutions of Flemington, NJ. pulled off a nice bit of source reduction recently when it switched out of a rigid plastic container plus snap-on lid to a pouch made of flexible film.

The pouch offers sustainable packaging advantages.
The pouch offers sustainable packaging advantages.

Horse Quenchers is a popular mix of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink the water. The switch from plastic bucket to plastic pouch is beneficial not only from a sustainable packaging standpoint but also because it’s what customers have been asking for. And on top of all that, the pouch costs less. “We have not raised our prices since 2007, and the change in packaging will allow us to continue to hold our prices steady in the face of significant cost increases,” says Nancy Issenman, CEO of Equatic Solutions.

Supplied by Eagle Flexible Packaging, the pouches are formed from a material consisting of  polyester/metallized polyester/linear low-density polyethylene. The top layer of polyester is reverse printed in 7 colors. Each pouch holds 3.5 lb of product, the same as the bucket that has been replaced. The empty pouches ship flat and weigh less than an ounce, while the buckets took up a lot of space and weighed over 3 oz each. “The materials used in packaging are greatly reduced, as are the required transport resources before and after they’re filled,” says Issenman.

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