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Eco-friendly milk pouch sales skyrocket at U.K. retailer Sainsbury’s, while supermarket chain Waitrose withdraws the same package due to plummeting sales and unacceptable levels of waste. Is it only a matter of time before Sainbury’s sales follow suit?

Industry associations claim that misuse of the SPI resin identification code can have a “draconian impact on the plastics reclamation process” and will cause “considerable disruption in the markets for recycled plastic materials.” Does the code need revamping, or is more policing required? Tell us what you think:

A newly released life-cycle inventory (LCI) of single-serving soft drink containers concludes that PET plastic bottles offer a better environmental footprint than aluminum cans or glass bottles. The Aluminum Association claims that the study’s sponsor demonstrated “a consistent and selective use of outdated data for competitive materials.” Where do you stand?

Maine’s governor has signed into law the first U.S. extended producer responsibility (EPR) framework law. Will other states soon follow Maine’s lead? What is your state’s position on EPR?

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