Alluring label graphics for new fruit smoothies

In June 2008, Sunny Delight Beverage Co., Cincinnati, OH, introduced a new line of nutritious fruit smoothies called FruitSimple in 40-oz, custom-curved PET bottles supplied by Graham Packaging (

Pw 5952 Sunny Delight

The product is cold-filled and capped with color-coded polypropylene closures supplied by Rexam Plastic Packaging ( Flexo-printed in 8 colors, the 360-degree, heat-shrink PETG film labels are supplied by Seal-It, a division of Printpack, Inc. (

Label graphics showcase color-coded printing and vivid illustrations of the fruits used in the four flavors—Strawberry Banana, Mixed Berry, Orange Mango, and Pomegranate Blueberry. The high-shelf-impact shrink labels cover the plastic bottles from just under the cap to the bottom of the container, allowing ample room for nutrition data and other product information. The 100% pure fruit smoothies with no sugar added initially are being marketed in Wal-Mart stores. Average retail price per 40-oz bottle is $3.59.

Sunny Delight principal engineer Chuck Shuford notes, “We already had a partnership with Printpack. Seal-It provided excellent customer service and met our quality requirements and shipment demands under tight timing. Consumer response to the product and packaging has been strongly positive. FruitSimple Smoothies offer a practical way for moms to get fruit into their kids’ diets.”

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