Wine debuts in barrier-coated PET bottles

In March 2008, Artisan Wine Co., British Columbia, introduced to Canadian markets its Painted Turtle brand Semillion/Chardonnay and Cabernet/Shiraz wines in 750-mL silicon oxide-coated PET bottles from Ball Corp. (

Pw 6420 Artisan

The FDA-compliant, ultra-thin (less than 100 nanometers) SIG PLASMAX SiOX coating is supplied by SIG Beverages (, a div. of SIG Holding AG. It is a commercially proven, transparent, oxygen-barrier coating that resists cracking, abrasion, delamination, and other degradation. Applied to the inside of the PET bottle by a process called Plasma Impulse Chemical Vapor Deposition, it helps protect the wine’s shelf life and is said to be easily removed during the PET recycling process. The aluminum screw-cap closures are from G3 Enterprises ( And the recyclable, liner-backed film labels, flexo-printed in 12 colors with UV inks, are supplied by Tapp Technologies (

These Painted Turtle wines are being sold through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) and retail for $11.95 (Canadian dollars). A portion of all Painted Turtle wine sales are donated to the Habitat Conservation Trust for the preservation of wildlife habitat in British Columbia.

As Artisan’s vp of operations David Fallis explains, “The combination of the PET bottle and screw-cap closure gives our customers a more convenient, environmentally friendly wine packaging choice. Because Ball’s PET bottles are approximately one-tenth the weight of the average glass bottle, they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. In addition, the PLASMAX barrier coating that Ball uses makes these bottles very easy to recycle in the existing PET infrastructure”

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