NECCO mints in a snap

New high-intensity Ultra mints from NECCO (New England Confectionery Co.), reached national retail stores in June packed in a 4½-oz, 1.7-mil polypropylene bag with a laminated cast PP snap closure.

Cambridge, MA-based NECCO believes that the flexible package delivers a unique retail shelf presence compared to competitive tins or blister packs. “We started looking at traditional lay-down peg bags and stand-up pouches,” says NECCO marketing manager Lory Zimbalatti, “but the problem was keeping the mints fresh.”

With the Easy Snap™ bag from the Easy Snap Division of Sig Pack (New Richmond, WI), there is a distinctive snap feel and sound when consumers close the bag. Easy Snap consists of two rigid “tracks” made of Easy Form™ rigid PP that span the width of the bag. “[The technology] assures consumers that the bag is closed and keeps the mints fresh,” says Zimbalatti. Shelf life is 18 months.

NECCO leases a Sig Easy Snap module from Sig Doboy (New Richmond, WI) that laminates Easy Form to the PP film. An Infinity® vf/f/s bagger and an Eagle® 14-bucket computerized combination weigher, both from EaglePack (Oakland, CA), were installed at NECCO in May. The equipment runs five days a week, one or two shifts/day, at 50 bags/min. PP bag rollstock is flexo-printed by Amcor (Baltimore, MD) in four colors.

“The package is more expensive than a traditional peg bag,” says Zimbalatti, “but there is added value to it and we feel it can [retail at a higher price] in the marketplace than the tin.” A 4½-oz bag of Ultra retails for $1.39. Recently, the Institute of Packaging Professionals announced it as an AmeriStar Package Award winner. (EF)

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