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BestCode: Continuous ink jet printers

Designed to operate in extreme wet/dry/dusty and hot/cold industrial applications, BestCode’s C80 Series range of continuous ink jet printers minimize user interaction, limiting the hands-on time for typical coding system operation.

Pw 59160 Bestcode 2

Featuring industrial, all-metal, stainless steel enclosures, the systems are also compact, lightweight, and space saving.

The printers feature the EZTouch User Interface, which is designed to simplify operation. A 10.4-in. color touch display allows easy viewing of all operating information. Operating functions are large, intuitive, icon-based buttons, making full use of color for status indicators.

SmartFill Fluids are externally filled allowing on-the-fly ink and solvent filling without opening the enclosure. The large, clean, intelligent one-qt. fluid containers are sized differently, eliminating the risk of adding solvent or ink into the wrong tank, while extending time between fluid additions.

LargeVolume ink and solvent tanks provide high volume fluids for demanding print applications with minimal user intervention. LargeVolume tanks hold multiple liters for extended run time. Ink tank volumes can operate multiple months between additions. Solvent tank volumes can operate 1000+ operational hours between additions.

TempSense Ventilation, combines electronics, software, and mechanical design to manage the enclosure temperature in extreme cold and hot applications. Using automatic detection systems, variable fan speed, and highly efficient air flow, TempSense helps ensure the fluid systems are operating in the correct temperature range.  Large, high-volume air filters operate 12 months between service intervals.

Universal, state-of-the-art electronics power every BestCode system. BestCode’s universal proprietary common electronics operating system platform can control and operate multiple printing technologies. Systems feature a high-speed, state-of-the-art 208Mhz processor core integrated into a single electronic board. The high performance electronics and software feature a multitasking environment allowing multiple events and operations to operate simultaneously. Systems feature large memory storage, external USB connectivity, Ethernet, RS232 and multiple inputs/outputs.

Using high speed processing and CIJ-specific electronic hardware, TruPoint technology provides high quality CIJ print quality.

EcoTec Fluid Management System reduces solvent consumption, lowering overall cost of ownership while extending the time between solvent additions and filter replacements.

At the core of EcoTec is a proprietary Ink Tank, Reduced Cycle Pump and Twin Trap Condensing Unit. The Ink Tank is designed to last the life of the system.  The reduced cycle pump extends pump life and in combination with TempSense lowers fluid operating temperature resulting in lower evaporation rates. The Twin Trap condensing unit provides two direct drain vapor traps to condense vapors back to usable fluid.

SmartFilter simplifies routine maintenance. The intelligent SmartFilter knows the install date, keeping track of usage and alerting when the ink filter should be replaced. Quick change, extended life filters operate up to 8,000 hours – 12 months.

C80 printheads are are designed for a clean, pin-pointed start every time.  The printheads are built around a proprietary micro-disk drop generator. A single small bore tube delivers ink and solvent eliminating the need for multiple inlets/outlets, providing pin-pointed jet startup.
Printheads feature CleanStart technology: an integrated valve provides direct solvent injection for printhead nozzle and gutter cleaning. Jet Startup is ready to print in less than 1 minute.

Industrial, ultra-flexible metal reinforced conduit, connect the printhead to the controller. Printhead components are durably constructed, and replaceable for many years of continued operation.

BestCode products are backed by CodeProtect coding system coverage.

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