Markem-Imaje: Print and Apply

The 2000 Series is equipped with a modular design that makes it easily adaptable to various production requirements and equally easy to incorporate new technology by simply swapping component options rather than purchasing a new system.

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The Imaje 2000 Series is the latest generation of efficient, on-demand labeling, combining unrivalled reliability, excellent print quality, low running costs and operator friendliness.

Key Features

Modular Design

The 2000 Series Print and Apply labeling systems’ unique modular design provides unrivaled flexibility for identification of cartons throughout the supply chain. A single system can easily be changed between:

· 4” and 6” print head configuration

· 200 and 300 dpi print resolution

· Blow, tamp and wipe applicators

· Thermal transfer and direct thermal printing

Operator Friendliness

The very straightforward and easy change of label rolls and ink ribbons saves production downtime. The built-in keypad and display make operation simple. Immediate indication of machine status guides the operator through correct actions, eliminates mistakes and improves efficiency.


The Imaje 2000 Series offers stand-alone or on-line operation. The industrial keyboard and local language graphic display simplify operation. High-speed interfaces for quick download of information to print makes the integration efficient. The 2000 Series means standard Ethernet 10/100 for networking, wireless option, and built-in IP addressing and web server for easy set-up and maintenance.


The 2000 Series comes with a heavy-duty, industrial and flexible stand which provides a unique docking station. The system automatically slides into the correct application position for the best stability and operator safety.

With the launch of this new generation of print and apply system, Imaje further strengthens its unique position as global solution provider in the marking and coding business- from product marking to marking of outer case packages and pallet labeling.

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