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NutriTalk releases top ten nutrition trends for 2010

Can packaging suppliers predict growth areas based on these insights?

From an article yesterday on Free Press Release, a company called NutriTalk, which bills itself “the nutrition communication experts," says consumers will be buying more prepared fresh fruits and vegetables like salad mixes, sliced onions and apples, etc.

“Even though pre-packaged produce is often a more expensive option to fresh produce, many people will continue to value their time by choosing to spend a few more cents in order to have more time spent on other activities, like family time.”

Many CPGs are launching low-sodium offerings, meeting the demand for healthier choices. But NutriTalk predicts consumers will not bite. “…after tasting many of these foods, we think consumers may still reach for the food with higher sodium if the manufacturers do not improve the flavor profile of packaged and prepared foods with herbs and spices.”

Other trends include more herbs and spices, and a 1960’s revival of basic family meals like meat loaf and mashed potatoes, brought on by the popularity of TV shows like Mad Men.

Top 10 Food and Nutrition Trends

1. Fresh Foods Made Extravagant
2. Salt Solutions
3. Everyday Eco-Living
4. Nutrition Labeling Symbols Standardized and Regulated
5. Quality Calories
6. Boomer Nutrition
7. Herbal Essences
8. Ingredients With Benefits
9. Back To Basics Family Meals
10. 1960’s Revival

So, can packaging suppliers look to some of these trends for insights? Well, flexible packaging and rigid trays/lids offering barriers for fresh produce is sure to be a growth sector. We’ve seen a lot of new spice collection packaging lately as well. Label and labeling companies can expect more dialog on standardized and regulated labels so consumers can make informed choices about calories, fats, caffeine content, etc.

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