Upgraded Cartoner Platform

Syntegon launches the upgraded Sigpack TTM cartoner platform featuring lock-style technology making it possible to form completely glue-free cartons and trays from carton blanks.


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Trays can be produced from 100% recyclable materials since they do not require any further gluing steps to securely close the carton. By eliminating adhesives during forming, maintenance efforts are significantly reduced. This enables manufacturers to lower their energy, maintenance, and material costs.

The controlled forming process is one of the key features of Syntegon’s upgraded TTM platform (the TTME model was not upgraded). It allows cartons or trays to be formed precisely and facilitates the lock-style process, where carton blanks are closed directly instead of being glued. Eliminating glue in this process step not only significantly improves the recyclability of the packaging; it also saves material and costs. The conventional gluing process uses glue devices, which result in glue residues and thin glue strings, also known as angel hair. The latter accumulate in the machine and must be removed regularly. The lock-style process eliminates this maintenance effort. Moreover, the lock-style process offers important advantages in terms of sustainability since gluing devices consume most electricity. Hence, manufacturers can reduce both their material and energy consumption.

Companies can choose between two options when integrating the lock-style technology: they can order it together with a new TTM topload cartoner or retrofit existing machines and benefit from the higher pack style flexibility of their equipment. The retrofit kit enables the TTM platform to form both glue-less and conventionally sealed cartons, which simplifies the switch to sustainable packaging concepts. In addition, the changeover from conventional gluing to the lock-style process takes no more time than a regular format change.

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