Paper Bubble Mailer

Sealed Air (SEE) launches Bubble Wrap® fiber-based padded mailer that can be recycled in curbside bins.

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On the outside, SEE’s Bubble Wrap mailer looks like a traditional mailer but it’s what on the inside that makes it different. The inner padding is made of a paper material that mimics the its original Bubble Wrap brand cushioning.

“More than ever before, our customers are shipping directly to consumers. They need options that will protect their goods, while allowing them to operate more efficiently and sustainably. The addition of this mailer into our fiber portfolio does all of that,” said Sergio Pupkin, SEE’s Chief Growth & Strategy Officer.

Benefits of the Bubble Wrap mailer include:

• Smaller and lighter than traditional boxes, which reduce shipping costs and dimensional weight

• Durability: Completed testing done in International Safe Transit Association certified labs that assess packaging durability through the rigors of shipping

• Curbside recyclability: Certified by the Western Michigan University OCC equivalency testing protocol.

The mailers will be available to customers in SEE’s North America market, before expanding globally by early 2023.

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