Battery-Powered Hand Strapping Tool

Signode’s BXT3 high-performance battery powered hand strapping tool can accommodate 9mm to 32mm of plastic strapping.


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It is also available as a free 30-day trial. For a limited time, users can harness the power of the BXT3 and experience the accuracy, speed and consistency in the palm of their hands.

Specifically designed for strapping applications using Signode Tenax® polyester and Signode Dylastic® PP strapping, the BXT3 strapping tool is capable of variable tensioning speeds up to 290mm/s. With a lightweight, ergonomic design, intuitive user interface and up to 800 cycles per charge, this tool has already been proven to increase production uptime.

The ergonomic design of Signode’s BXT3 tool facilitates ease of use and fewer wear parts make it economical to maintain. The innovative integrated touch screen allows users to easily change tool settings to suit their specific requirements while displaying application tension force and strap cycle completion. Combined with the e-controlled strapping process, the strap alignment indicator helps deliver ultimate stability of the load, essentially giving any user handheld strapping superpowers and highly consistent results not possible with manual tools.

From palletized goods in the food, beverage and pharma industry to bricks, blocks and bagged commodities in the building and construction industry, the BXT3 strapping tool accommodates variable load sizes and types. While manual and pneumatic strapping tools still have their place across a diverse range of industries, this innovative line of battery powered hand strapping tools creates flexibility, speed, and opportunity for increased reliability and improved throughput.

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