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Asaclean Launches New Website

Asahi Kasei Asaclean Americas, manufacturer and distributor of Asaclean® Purging Compounds, launched an interactive, educational website that offers nearly 500 pages of purging content available in both English and Spanish.

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“We spent countless hours interviewing customers in injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding. They ranged widely in terms of experience, roles, and industries. What did we learn? We learned that the market deserves better than what was available,” says Vice President, Phani Nagaraj.

In its research, Asaclean learned that there wasn’t a free, unbiased resource center available where you can learn everything there is to know about purging. Before now, most available resources focused on a specific product line. But there are many misconceptions about purging that lead companies to make costly mistakes. While many providers focus specifically on their respective product lines, Asaclean spent the past three years building a website that serves as a resource center built for everyone in the industry.

“We knew that clear, easy-to-learn content and simple, specific pages were the most important pieces of the puzzle. We aren’t an MRO supplier; we’re a solutions provider. Asaclean puts a premium on frequent, complimentary onsite training and support. This site is simply an extension of that philosophy,” says Nagaraj. He continued, “Our mission is to educate the market to help companies to make better decisions about how they approach cost-savings. We have content for new processors and seasoned veterans alike. We will add new, helpful content to the site every week to make sure we’re keeping up with current events in the market.”

Senior Marketing Manager Tom Hanvey added, “it’s also important to give existing Asaclean customers the best possible user experience. We listened to our customers and responded by building a knowledge center with easy-to-find technical documents, certifications, instructions, and training to make sure they’re getting the most out of their relationship with Asaclean. Our customers deserve better than average. They deserve the best experience possible.”

Key features of the website include:

• Purging 101: The Ultimate Guide to Purging

• Industry & Process-specific purging best practices

• An interactive Cost Savings Calculator that estimates your potential savings based on processing information.

• An interactive Grade Selection Guide that recommends the best purging compounds for your specific needs.

• An in-depth breakdown of purging’s Cost-Savings Solutions

• FAQ Center—Over 200 frequently asked questions easily sortable by your role with your organization.

• An easy-to-navigate Resource Center with all technical documents, certifications, and instructions, along with case studies, eBooks, and over 50 user testimonials.

• The Asaclean Blog—weekly blog posts featuring purging and plastics processing tips.

• AsaBot- an interactive chatbot that helps direct visitors to whatever they’re looking for.

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