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Boox Expands to the U.K., Launches New Product

In response to growing demand and increased partnerships with leading brands, Boox is expanding to the U.K. and launching Baag, a reusable, eco-conscious shipping alternative to single-use plastic bags for e-commerce brands.

Baag Beauty 2021

Along with this expansion, Boox, a recommerce platform providing consumers and retailers with zero-waste shipping solutions, is announcing the launch of its second sustainable shipping option, the Boox Baag. As a Certified B-Corp, Boox’s mission is to eliminate single-use waste in e-commerce through mass adoption of its recommerce services. The company, which grew shipment volume 10x in 2021, is known for its partnerships with popular consumer brands such as Lululemon, REN Clean Skincare, Boyish Jeans, and Ouai, and is eager to announce additional partnerships with retail and e-commerce giants in the coming months. The expansion follows Boox’s ongoing success and growth in the U.S., alongside being named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2021.

Boox’s affordable, easily-implementable and scalable system allows companies to reuse shipping supplies and eliminate waste from e-commerce. The company’s first reusable shipping option, the Boox Box, allows retailers to cut down their environmental impact of normal cardboard boxes by 70% or more after 10 shipments. With its latest expansion into the U.K., Boox will offer its reusable shipper services, including Boox Boxes and Baags, to direct-to-consumer (DTC) clients.

Similar to Boox’s first product, the Boox Box, the Boox Baag is designed to be recovered from consumers and reused hundreds of times. While the original Boox Box caters to shipping beauty and lifestyle products, the Boox Baag was developed specifically as a solution for apparel and other soft products. Boox Baags are available in a variety of colors and sizes, are made from durable, recycled and recyclable materials, and can be custom printed with branded graphics.

How it works:
• Boox’s retail partners ship DTC orders as usual, with minimal operational changes

• All Boox Boxes and Baags feature QR codes linking to digital instructions to guide consumers through the return process via one of 10,000+ Boox Return Places across the U.S. and U.K.

• Once returned to Boox HQ, Boxes and Baags are carefully refurbished and then re-distributed to partners to be reused over and over again, drastically reducing the need for manufacturing new shipping products

• When a Boox product does reach the end of its life cycle, it is broken down to its raw materials and efficiently recycled back into another Boox Box or Baag

“Boox is proving every day that sustainability initiatives are not just the right thing to do, but also fantastic business decisions for our clients,” said Matt Semmelhack, CEO and Co-Founder of Boox. “The ultimate goal is to inspire all brands and consumers to accelerate a global transition to the circular economy. Our team is hard at work on what will be a long journey, but we’re thrilled by the progress, expansion and trajectory we’re on towards a cleaner world.”

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