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Krones Joins the EU’s Circular Economy Initiative

The Krones Group joined the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform.

Krones 201909 Tr01 Pet Kreislauf

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform brings together companies and initiatives proactively engaged in creating a circular European economy. It was set up by the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee with the declared goal of closing material cycles and thus putting in place a firm foundation for a more sustainable future.

As a high-tech company that has signed up to developing eco-friendly technology for recyclable packaging, Krones not only sees this project’s goals as strikingly similar to its own aspirations but can even make a substantial contribution towards turning the vision of a closed-loop recycling economy into hands-on reality. That is why Krones joined the platform and entered into a self-imposed commitment to the following eight targets:

1.  rPET compatibility
By 2025, it will be possible on all new PET bottling lines to handle bottles made of up to 100 per cent high-grade recyclate without any impairment to production quality, efficiency or efficacy.

2. Plastic-free secondary packaging
By 2022, Krones will offer alternative secondary-packaging solutions containing no single-use plastics whatsoever for all multipack formats in common use.

3. Support for recyclable packaging design
Krones uses its technological expertise to support clients in designing forms of packaging that are optimally suited for recycling.

4. Changing over from linear production to circular economy
Clients get the support they need in order to achieve optimum results on existing lines, too, when handling recycled and/or renewable materials.

5. Permanently attached closures
Equipment is already available that enables tethered caps (= closures permanently attached to the bottle) to be used.

6. Sustainable labelling
For optimum recycling results, Krones’ portfolio includes packaging solutions where labels can be removed from the empty container without any problems. The long-term goal is to recycle the labels together with the containers – or do entirely without a separate material for container decoration.

7. Investing in recycling
Upgrading Krones’ solutions for material recycling of packaging plastics (solid/flexible, PET, polyolefins and PS) is further progressed by continually investing in the relevant research and development projects.

8. Beyond PET packaging
Above and beyond conventional PET solutions, Krones is proactively pursuing development projects connected with disruptive technologies that take beverages to the consumer in innovative ways (packaging-free solutions, paper bottle).

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