Sick’s Laser Scanner Receives Robotics Innovation Award

Sick, Inc. was awarded a Robotics Innovation Award from the Robotics Business Review for its nanoScan3 safety laser scanner.

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The RBR50 is an annual list that recognizes and celebrates forward thinking companies and the original, impact solutions created by these companies.

In 2019, Sick was named a Top Robotics Company by Robotics Business Review. In 2020, the RBR50 was expanded to celebrate robotics innovation in a wider range of forms, including technology and product innovations.

The nanoScan3 combines smart safety functions with measurement data quality for accurate and reliable localization. With an overall height of just over 3. In., this space-saving sensor can be used wherever machines and vehicles require maximum performance, but have minimal mounting space. This enables manufacturers to use small AGVs or mobile robots equipped with SICK’s leading-edge safety technology.
With its small size, the nanoScan3 opens up potential applications where space is extremely critical, such as in mobile intralogistics, collaborative robots (cobots), or mobile assistance and service robotics on autonomous transport platforms and carts.

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