Videojet Introduces its Worry-Free Coding Service

Videojet Technologies introduces Worry-Free Coding, a new monthly service designed to enhance coding performance while reducing operational stress for manufacturers.

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Worry-Free Coding is currently offered with the Videojet 1860 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer (shown).
Worry-Free Coding is currently offered with the Videojet 1860 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer (shown).

Worry-Free Coding combines Videojet-managed equipment and supplies with the new Videojet Britewatch cloud-based artificial intelligence algorithm and the largest field service footprint in the industry to provide a comprehensive solution to satisfy manufacturers’ marking and coding needs.

For Videojet, Britewatch is the culmination of five years’ research into the patterns that precede downed printer situations and unplanned downtime. These learnings have been operationalized so that Britewatch can continuously monitor a printer fleet and predict 80% of potential faults sufficiently in advance to take corrective action without adversely affecting production. 

“This approach allows the routine of printer maintenance to be reduced to necessary fault-avoidance tasks only when the printer indicates these are required,” said Bob Neagle, Director of Digital Products and Services for Videojet. “Britewatch also features embedded intelligence to determine if a simple corrective procedure is required and to notify plant personnel with specific instructions. If a more complex task is necessary, Videojet support personnel are dispatched,” added Neagle.

Worry-Free Coding incorporates Videojet RapidRecover for instances in which a fault may still occur. This expedited repair process employs automated troubleshooting to quickly determine the best path to line recovery. Visual instructions are provided to plant personnel and if a device swap is deemed the best course of action, the current printer settings are captured and then automatically downloaded to the new device, further shortening line recovery time. In these instances, Videojet support personnel are alerted that there is a printer requiring attention so they will arrive informed and equipped to make any repairs

Featuring cloud connectivity and harnessing additional printer data and remote access technology, VideojetConnect Remote Service is also included with Worry-Free Coding. Multiple dashboards, accessed from a PC or mobile device, provide users with views of current printer status, sensor readings, consumables usage, and operational history. This data is synthesized into a monthly report that provides users with a snapshot of how the printers in a fleet have performed. The report is delivered by a Videojet Service professional who reviews it with users’ plant operations teams to jointly develop strategies for driving sustainable peak performance of Videojet coding equipment.

In addition to its powerful service and reporting aspects, Worry-Free Coding helps to free manufacturers from the hassle of obtaining and managing capital assets, as well as inventorying and ordering printer supplies. A single invoice, based on actual usage, is provided monthly. Videojet tracks consumables usage via the Videojet Cloud and compares it to previous shipments to facilitate automatic replenishment as part of the service.

Worry-Free Coding is currently offered with the Videojet 1860 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer. Availability with additional Videojet technologies is in development. Designed for the digital age, the Videojet 1860 continuously streams over 150 data points that are key indicators of printer performance and health. Integration with factory control and execution systems can be completed using standard industry protocols such as Ethernet/IP and Profinet, and additional functionality can be added to a printer at any time by downloading applications from the Videojet Workflow portal.

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